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NEW in Solvi: Plant Counts, Elevation Maps and High Resolution Prescriptions

May 10, 2018

Today we are releasing several big updates in Solvi and would like to share the details. As the season is now in full swing (even here in Northern Europe after late Spring), we are really excited to give you tools that help you get most out of drone imagery!

Plant Counts

Detected plants
Plant counts show number of detected and missing plants in the whole field or selected areas of interest

Last autumn we announced plant counts in beta and since then have received a lot of great feedback. Today we make plant counts available for all our users, supporting a wide range of crops — cauliflower, broccoli, corn, salads, potatoes, pumpkins, sunflower and more. We can provide an accurate number of plants for the whole fields or parts of it and even estimate the number of missing plants in fields with clear row structure. Have a look at the example field.

Elevation Maps

Elevation layer
New Elevation layer shows differences in field’s elevation profile

Our vegetation index maps can give a good idea of where variations in the field are, but understanding the reason behind those variations usually requires several sources of data. To help you with that we now provide a new Elevation Map layer that visualises differences in field’s elevation profile. Hope you’ll find it valuable in your decision making!

High Resolution Prescriptions

High Resolution Prescriptions
Prescription files can now be created with up to 1m resolution

Up until now Prescription files created in Solvi were based on a grid of cells of up to 10x10 meter resolution. While most spreaders are still yet to support higher precision than that, there is technology already today that supports much higher precision. That’s why we have updated our prescription tools to support zone creation with up to 1x1m resolution. If you have machinery capable of such high accuracy, feel free to give it a try.

Pay As You Go Pricing

Are you looking to process and analyse drone imagery only occasionally and feel like monthly or yearly subscription doesn’t really suit you? We now offer “pay as you go” pricing where you can pay for a certain number of uploads and use them during a longer period of time. Get in touch with us at support@solvi.nu for more details.

Learn more about Solvi’s complete solution for drone-based crop monitoring and sign up for a free trial. At Solvi, we’re helping farmers put predictability on the map.