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Get the most from every row with plant-level crop monitoring. Use precise plant counts, size measurements and health estimates to minimize crop loss and improve yields.

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Plant-Level Insights for Your Entire Field

Precise crop management means peak field performance. PlantAI™ translates plant-level drone data into actionable management insights. Layer valuable metrics onto your Plant Counts map to assess crop establishment variables or gauge optimal plant maturity for harvest. Visually monitor every plant in the field to make timely decisions where needed most.

  • Fast and efficient scouting of the whole field
  • Accurate total number of plants
  • Per-plant size measurements
  • Health estimate for each individual plant
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Works for Most Crops

Powered by our advanced machine-learning algorithms, Plant Counts with PlantAI™ adapts to a variety of crops and other agricultural applications for maximum flexibility. It’s not limited to row crops with wide spacing. Because you train PlantAI™, it’s possible to identify and monitor nearly any crop or object in the field.

  • Row crops like corn and soybeans
  • Vegetables and trees
  • Other applications like vines and weeds
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Quick & Simple 4-Step Process

PlantAI™ is fast! Other plant counting tools require you to request data, which can take days to receive. Solvi’s easy-to-use software provides precision crop analytics in less than 30 minutes to anyone - without a Ph.D. in statistics. Here’s how it works:

  • Upload drone images (from RGB or multispectral cameras)
  • Outline an area of interest
  • Identify similar plants
  • Receive plant-level data for decision making in minutes
plant counts done for you

"Done For You" Service

Outsource plant count analytics for high volume or complex scenarios. Our support team handles the work for you and provides the same precise results within a day. Great for crop consultants or drone service providers with multiple clients. We’ll do the data, you do the decisions.

  • Same precision data insights
  • Available in 24 hours
  • Frees you to focus on management action
Solvi plant counts are my number one preferred method of obtaining plant counts that are accurate and delivered quickly. From row crop stand counts to thick citrus groves, Solvi has the best counting algorithms available.

Nathan Oman

Service Provider at Sky View 3D, Michigan USA


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